“Panmarron”, i.e. the chestnut panettone, is the typical autumn sweet of Marnin leavened products. Soft pieces of marron glacé and creamy chestnut puree are added to the dough. It is as soft as panettone, but the aroma is that of chestnut, a typical fruit of the Canton of Ticino which has always been appreciated for its use in confectionery.


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100 g, 300 g, 700 g


Wheat flour, candied chestnuts 20% (chestnuts, sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, vanilla), butter 18%, sugar, egg yolk (free-range), 11%, sourdough (natural yeast, water, wheat flour), chestnut puree (chestnuts, sugar, glucose syrup), acacia honey, inverted sugar syrup, cocoa butter, iodized salt, natural flavors, almonds, hazelnuts, egg white (free-range). May contain traces of: nuts.

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