La pasticceria MARNIN


Arno & Franca Antognini

The MARNIN pastry shop in the old town of Locarno opens its doors on 28 October 1989. The owner is Arno Antognini, a “Marnin” who arrived in Locarno from Vira Gambarogno (a village on the other side of Lake Maggiore, home of his father’s pastry shop). Arno represents the fourth generation of the Marnin family of pastry chefs: the founder, Angelo Antognini, founded the first bakery and pastry shop in Vira in 1852.

In Locarno, Arno Antognini, accompanied by his wife Franca, combined the family tradition with innovations in the confectionery sector resulting from continuous research to perfect his products with professionalism. Undisputed specialties of the house, in addition to shortcrust pastry (round shortcrust biscuits), is the family of leavened products such as panettoni, doves, pandananas.
There are three points of sale: the first “the headquarters” is located in Piazza S.Antonio in Locarno: here there is also a tea-room, where you can relax and enjoy the excellent chocolate of the house, the various selected teas, or a good cappuccino. The second shop is located in the old town, via S.Francesco: here there is the bakery with the wood-burning oven from which the homonymous bread is baked.

Since 2008, Marnin is also present along the lakefront in Ascona with a boutique-confiserie where leavened products are accompanied by all the specialties of amaretti biscuits, from simple white ones to those with different fillings. Marnin-Ascona is an important showcase for Swiss and international tourism, attentive to the confectionery specialities of our territory.

These things take time

by Andrea Labate

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